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    Bug - Indesign CC 11.4 - two inner glows cause image to disappear

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I've tested this file in InDesign 11.0 and also the latest version of InDesign CC - and it's the latest version of CC that's causing me angst.


      To note - it appears to be a display issue in InDesign - as it exports and prints fine.


      Since the last upgrade in InDesign, some images that are placed in objects with FX applied with 2 inner glows will not show up. They only show up under View>Proof Colours.



      When I tick the Proof Colours, that's fine. It shows up. When I close the document and reopen, the Proof Colours is turned off again. I've tried turning on Proof Colours with no documents open - but it doesn't stick.


      Why can't I have Proof Colours always turned on for the document?


      I've opened the file on an older version of InDesign CC and it works just fine, no need to click anything.


      Screen shots of the difference of having Proof Colours on and Proof Colours turned off - as you can see the graphic is missing (don't worry I assure you it's missing)


      Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.53.52.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 13.01.48.png



      I have rolled back to 11.0 and this file works fine, but in 11.4 it does not.



      To recreate


      Create a Graphic Frame

      Fill with a gradient (anything light)

      Stroke a colour


      File>Place and AI file into the graphic frame.


      On the graphic frame:

      FX - Object

      Drop Shadow

      Inner Glow - 5px


      FX - Fill

      Drop Shadow

      Inner Glow - 5px



      Once the 2nd inner glow is applied the image is disappearing.


      Can anyone else confirm this?