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    How to increase markers through grep in Indesign?


      Good morning guys.


      I diagramming a history book that has many peculiarities, but one of them is taking sleep.

      I have main text inside it are no footnotes (references and notes), but the author of a perfectionist to the extreme and requires references and notes are inserted at the bottom of each page that have them. What's wrong with that? It is humanly impossible (and for Indesign) use the automatic footnote mode. Let me explain in topics:

      1) Most of the captions of the photos in the book have a bibliographic reference and / or note

      2) On some pages, when there are photo caption with bibliographic reference or note, either reference or note refers to another bibliographic reference or note in the same footnote.

      3) In 35% of the pages there is alternation between bibliographic reference and note in the same footnote.

      4) There are cases where the bibliographic reference or note refers to a highlighted box containing bibliographic reference and / or explanatory note referring to bibliographic reference or note in the footnote that refers to another bibliographic reference or note on the same note footer.

      5) There case bibliographic reference repeated on the same page (1, 2 and 3 in the following paragraph the same reference literature 1, 2 and 3)



      What I did to solve part of the problem!

      1) I created paragraph styles and character

      2) I created Grep to automate the footnotes with lists



      What I need?

      1) Do Grep automatically add increasingly markers in footnotes (eg *, **, ***, ****)