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    Data Merge problem - wrong values when Exporting PDF with "All Records" only


      Hi - I'm having the weirdest problem with InDesign: I'm using Data Merge from .csv to create a set of cards (9 per page), and when I Export to PDF from the Data Merge panel, one of my fields has the wrong data: it uses values from previous records and repeats that.


      What's strange, is that when Previewing, everything is fine. Also fine is if I Create a Merged Document, and export that as PDF. Also fine is if I Export PDF using just the range of entries that is playing up: I only get wrong data if doing Export PDF, "All Records" from the Data Merge panel.  Very frustrating!


      Does anyone have any insight? I get the feeling my data is ok, if exporting individual records is fine...


      Cheers for any help.