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    Trouble with text frame (text cutting)

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      I've a problem with indesign (CC last version, I've upgradate today in morning).


      I've create a document with multiple pages, and in every page

      is placed a text box it and these text box are connected (the text content is distributed through them).

      The text box are definded by a paragraph style, where I define the font style, color...

      and I define that the box may be on 2 colunms, and, oviously, I define also the space betwin the coloumns.


      So, the tex apears cut in the bottom of the text box and remains strages white spaces.


      I attach a scrrenshot.

      Please, help me, I'm stacked in this trouble.



      EmilianoSchermata 2016-07-21 alle 16.48.59.png