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    LR 2015.6 Flickr publish service not sending EXIF

    mikey_2000 Level 1

      I saw this problem Re: Adobe 6/CC not embedding Lens in EXIF for Flickr  and saw it was supposed to be fixed.



      I've just started having this issue over the last few days with LR CC 2015.6 (64bt Windows 10).  Exported files seem to contain all the correct EXIF data but when the built in Flickr connecter uploads to flickr, I don't get any exif uploaded.  The jpg uploads fine but flickr doesn't seem to get much more than the camera model. 


      I've looked at the export and publish settings for everything I can see - they all say to include 'All Metadata' but remove person and place location.  These are the settings I always used with no problems until just a few days ago.


      Is there still a bug?