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    Auto-Orient Denied

    bryan.gough Level 1

      I have a very, VERY simple problem. This was just working for me 1 minute ago, and then it stopped.

      I have a Shape Layer in the center of the comp. Let's call this "The Sun."

      I have 4 smaller circles placed around it in 90º intervals. Let's call these "Planets."

      I want the planets to orbit the sun.


      1. I add a Null object in the center of the comp.
      2. I parent the planets to the null.
      3. I keyframe the Z value of the null to rotate 10x in 10 seconds.
      4. The planets orbit the sun in a clockwise fashion. Full success.


      THEN, I want to keyframe the X value of the null, so that the planets are rotating around the sun in z-space, passing  in front of, and behind, the sun.

      1. I make sure Planet is also 3-D enabled.
      2. I scrub the X value of the null to find the right angle for the planets' rotation. However, they are no longer planets, they become discs.
      3. No problem, select planet layers: Layer > Transform > Auto-orient... select "orient towards camera", hit "OK."
      4. Scrub Xº again and... fail.


      I notice that when the Auto-Orient dialog box pops up, that the "Off" button has the blue highlight around it... which tells me it's inheriting something, maybe from the Null (?). I just had this working and then it stopped. Can't figure out what went wrong.

      Tried to upload a screenshot of the dialog box... but apparently .png and .jpg file types are forbidden........

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          Silly question - YOU ADDED A CAMERA, RIGHT???

          the blue highlight is not related - it just how the window looks.

          copy paste the frame or drag it into the comment box. make sure the timeline and composition are visible. Type UU so we can see the properties.

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            bryan.gough Level 1

            I shouldn't have to add a camera—the default is still considered the Active Camera, right?

            BUT, I did go back and try adding a camera, but the net result was the same. I tried Orienting the parent null, thinking that might be part of the problem. Nothing I did could get it to face forward.


            Why is the blue ring appearing next to "Off" not related?


            (so strange that I can drag/drop a .png, but can't using the "Insert Image" process built in to the post Actions)auto-orient.png

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              you need to add a Camera to make it work. the layers need a camera to orient to. default camera is an "invisible camera" and the "active camera" and you are correct in suggesting this should probably work without actually adding one but this is how it is programmed. then again Orient towards Camera and not put an actual Camera is more confusing.


              the blue ring is always there. why? I don't know but it's not related to your problem. some adobe programmer thought that's how it should behave. it just sits there.


              let's go over this again and make sure you do this step by step:

              1. you have planets that are in 3D and their auto orientation is set to Orient Toward Camera

              2. the planets are parented to a 3D Null that is Centered in the middle

              3. you rotate the Null on any of the Rotation axis and the planets are.... Discs? meaning they don't face the camera straight as they rotate


              I can use the insert image with no problem. maybe it something in your browser.