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    CFC troubles

      In the code below I get a "viewall undefined" error. before sending it to the cfc ,if it is not defined, I set it, so it should always have a value. Am I using the cfinvokeargument wrong? Do I have to put all variables into an array? I have other cfc's that work when only sending 1 variable, as soon as I try to send more I get the undefined errors.


      <cfif not isdefined('viewall')><cfset viewall = 1></cfif>
      <cfif not isdefined('asc')><cfset asc=1></cfif>
      <cfif not isdefined('to')><cfset to = #createodbcdatetime('1-1-3000')#></cfif>
      <cfif not isdefined('from')><cfset from = #createodbcdatetime('1-1-1901')#></cfif>

      <cfinvoke component="query" method="query_total_all_exp" returnvariable="total">
      <cfinvokeargument name="viewall" value="#viewall#">
      <cfinvokeargument name="team" value="#team#">
      <cfinvokeargument name="asc" value="#asc#">
      <cfinvokeargument name="to" value="#to#">
      <cfinvokeargument name="from" value="#from#">
      <cfif isdefined('account')><cfinvokeargument name="account" value="#account#"></cfif>
      <cfif isdefined('workorder')><cfinvokeargument name="workorder" value="#workorder#"></cfif>

      <cffunction name="query_total_all_exp" access="public">
      <cfif viewall eq 1> <!--- at this point I get a viewall undefined error --->
      <cfif asc eq 1>
      <cfif isdefined('account')>
      <cfquery name = "total" dataSource="KFS">
      SELECT *
      FROM tbl_expenditures
      WHERE team='#team#' and account = '#account#' and cast(CONVERT(char(10),PDate,101) as datetime) BETWEEN '#dateFormat(from, "mm/dd/yyyy")#' AND '#dateFormat(to, "mm/dd/yyyy")#'
      ORDER BY pdate asc
      <cfelseif isdefined('workorder')>
      <cfquery name = "total" dataSource="KFS">
      SELECT ID, CAST(LineItem AS numeric) as 'LineItem',
      case PDate when '1/1/1900' then NULL else cast(CONVERT(char(10),PDate,101) as datetime) end as 'PDate',
      case SDate when '1/1/1900' then NULL else cast(CONVERT(char(10),SDate,101) as datetime) end as 'SDate',Method,Team,Vendor,Description, Amount, Account,Cleared,WorkOrder,Notes,Estimate
      FROM tbl_expenditures
      WHERE team='#team#' and cleared = 1 and workorder = '#workorder#' and cast(CONVERT(char(10),PDate,101) as datetime) BETWEEN '#dateFormat(from, "mm/dd/yyyy")#' AND '#dateFormat(to, "mm/dd/yyyy")#'
      ORDER BY pdate asc
      <cfelse><!--- This goes on an on but I will end it here for disscussion --->
      <cfreturn total>
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          This is a reply to "Do I have to put all variables into an array?"

          No, but you could put them into a structure. In fact that's how I pass arguments to functions. Let's say a function named abc needs two arguments, x and y. Also assume that we have already created our object, and the variable is called MyObject.

          args = StructNew();
          args.x = "something";
          args.y = "something else";
          somevariable = MyObject.abc(argumentcollection = args);

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            When passing in multiple arguments you need to use cfargument in your cfc like this

            <cffunction name="query_total_all_exp" access="public">
            <cfargument name="viewall" type="nemeric" required="yes" />
            <cfargument name="team" type="string" required="yes" />

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              James@nps Level 1
              Thanks! All is well and good now!