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    Missing Video_TS folder after burning to hard drive using Premiere Elements 13


      I have experienced a number of issues when trying to create a DVD from a movie project using Premiere Elements 13. After reading numerous past discussions I  thought I had resolved some, only to encounter new issues. As follows:


      I was initially unable to burn a DVD from the movie project, receiving the message that the DVD burn was "interrupted." This occurred during the encoding process I believe, not during actual DVD writing, as it was fairly early in the process. After reading the forums I copied the project using the project archiver, to an external hard drive, since the internal drive was filling up after subsequent attempts to burn (another issue). I moved all the video files off the internal drive to a backup so there is now 164 GB free space. The project is on a external drive, as noted, with 1.42 TB free. The size of the copied project folder is 100 GB. With the software's Publish + Share, I attempted to disc burn to a folder, in case there was a problem with disc burner (i.e. conflicts w/3rd party software, etc. as noted in other discussions). The process was left to run overnight, when checked in the morning there was a message that the burn was completed. Upon checking the folder where the Video_TS folder should have been (on the external drive), none was present. No where can I find the files. I then attempted to burn to a DVD instead, but early in the process received the message that the burn was "interrupted." again.


      As a side note, the fit to disc feature that automatically compresses the video to the appropriate size to fit in an 8.5 GB folder or Dual Layer DVD (as I am using) repeatedly gave a message of insufficient disc space. If I manually set to slightly greater compression, it would allow to proceed to burning. Strangely though, after the Video_TS folder and subsequent failed DVD burn, I have attempted another burn to DVD. In this case the automatic compression does not result in the message of insufficient space and has allowed the burn to proceed, however, given the multitude of failures to date, I am not confident that it will be successful.

      So, my question is, what happened to the Video_TS folder that should have been created (and was according to premiere)? Also, what is the problem and how can I "fix" it, or work around?

      Suggestions and insights appreciated.



      Dell computer Core i7 2.60 GHz

      8 GB RAM

      64 bit OS

      Windows 7 Professional SP1

      Adobe Premiere Elements 13