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    Mass PDF conversion to reconize text


      Hi ya,


      I have a project at my firm to import over 1000 PDF files that are not currently searchable.

      Our firm has Acrobat Adobe 12 Standard on my workstation and I'm looking to import all 1000 PDF files that are not searchable.  Can someone tell me (1) If I can import all these PDF files, all at one time and make the searchable in a click of a button.  (2) How would one do that?   Any documents out there that explain this process

      Please advise as I'm a newbie to this product.


      Thank you



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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          I assume you have Adobe Acrobat Standard DC - there is no version 12. In general, you can automate the OCR operation in Acrobat using the Action Wizard, however, this tool is only available in Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you can upgrade to Pro, you very likely still would not be able to process all 1000 documents at one time, Acrobat is designed for "light" automation, and based on my personal experience, you will have to find out who many documents you can process in one batch. This is very likely somewhere between 50 and 300 - depending on what you do in your Action.


          With just Standard, you would have to process these files manually, one by one.