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    Keyword Set

    gary w.c75739106

      It appears that you cannot set up a keyword set that allows all of your keywords to be attached to a photo or photos such as - Bluebird, blue, songbird, insect eater, cavity nester, etc when you chick on Bluebirds in keyword set. In Capture One you can set up a keyword set for Bluebirds that put all of keyword to the photo, etc., it would appear that Adobe could do the same with LR CC.  As it appears now you have to still assign keywords one at the time to photos rather than as a set.   That would be fine if it was just for personal use or an occasional keyword request, but stock agencies want more and more inform on a subject (s)  minimum of 5 keywords per subject, etc..


      If there is a way to do this in LR I've not been able to figure it out.  If there is not a way to do this, then may I suggest that Abode add this to the Key wording.


      Looking forward to hearing from Adobe or someone who may know how to do this.


      Gary W. Carter