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    RoboHelp 11 - DHTML Drop-down text not displayed in output folder


      I have had this issue in almost all versions, currently using 11. Created new topics, imported old topics that have worked, also created new "test" projects with one topic in it with a text hotspot. This is what I am doing.

      1. With the mouse I highlight the text I want to use as a drop-down.

      2. Click on DHTML>Create Drop-down Hotspot and Text.

      3. Enter my text in the text bow.

      4. Compile the project and run the file and it works.

      5. I then copy all the files from my local computer to a network folder.

      6. I open a topic with some drop-down text and click on the link for the drop-down and nothing happens.


      So the hotspot link does not produce the drop-down text box. Any ideas, I haven't really seen a solution on this board except for re-installing which may or may not work.


      Thanks Alan.