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    gtx 1080/1070 premiere and h.265

    arnep536264 Level 1

      Wondering whether any Adobe CC users out there with the gtx 1080/1070 have noticed any improvements with regard to hevc encoding/decoding? Even with 30+tb of local storage, quickly running out of space when gopro and mobile take 4k vids (taking into account mirroring of storage array)..


      As far as I can tell Cuda/Mercury playback drivers still not fixed? but a while since I checked the forum..looking at upgrading from an old 770gtx. h.265 would be ideal as storage format..and 1080/1070 have hardware encode/decode as far as I can tell.  Correct that Adobe still has no support for hardware decode/encode? (yes aware that cpu encode probably gives better quality...but one can hope they'll fix this at some point...)..


      Mostly for storage/and or rendering (dual xeon system, but rendering on Adobe is painfully slow! Not to mention lack of multithreaded support...miss Vegas)..




      Edit: yes aware fewer cores/threads higher clockspeed better for Adobe CC, but Maya/Vray/Nuke etc like more threads...soon to upgrade from 2x8-core/16 thread xeons to 2x22core/44 thread xeons for 3d work...