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    New Flash8 Tweening Class?

    ropeGun Level 1
      Hello Community,

      I have been using a pretty cool technique for controlling motion / alpha / scale of various instances on my stage with this technique where you read in the MX Tweening Class and then set up these variables that changes the motion / alpha / scale over time. And, if I place these variables into a function and call that function on an event (pushing a button, for example) the animation over time event happens. I cannot get this technique to work with (what appears new) the FP8 Tweening Matrix thingy.

      Below (first part) is some sample code of the old way, in MX, I did this:

      I cannot get something similar to this to work in Flash Pro 8 (FP8) with these funky matrix thingies that this class is now built within.

      For example, I need to have these import (class) lines at the beginning, but then how do I create the same sort of animation in the function?

      import flash.geom.Transform;
      import flash.geom.Matrix;

      I guess, basically, what I am trying to ask here is: How do you create animation via the (what was formerly known as) the Tween Class in FP8?

      Any help/info would be appreciated.

      Thanks for your time,