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    Problems setting logo


      I don't know how can i set my own logo correctly, i configured the config.xml and add my logo.png

      My config.xml icon part:


      <icon src="logo.png" />

          <gap:splash src="logo.png" />

          <platform name="android">

              <icon src="www/logo.png" />

              <splash platform="android" src="www/logo.png" />


          <platform name="ios">

              <icon platform="ios" src="www/logo.png" />

              <splash platform="ios" src="www/logo.png" />


          <platform name="wp8">

              <icon platform="wp8" src="www/logo.png" />

              <splash platform="wp8" src="www/logo.png" />


          <platform name="windows">

              <icon platform="windows" src="www/logo.png" />

              <splash platform="windows" src="www/logo.png" />




      Someone can tell me why this is wrong? When i download the app i only see the phonegap icon by default...