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    Save as PDF/Google Cloud Print


      I have 2 Samsung Galaxy tablets (a Tab 2 and Tab 4), one running Android 4.1.2 and one running 4.4.2.  Both have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 16.2. Both are signed in to the same Google account.


      On the newer tablet, selecting Print gives me a dialog box with the option to Save as PDF.


      On the older tablet, selecting Print takes me to a sign-in page for Google Cloud Print.


      I can't figure out how to get rid of the Google Cloud Print option. Google Cloud Print (the app) isn't installed on the tablet. I've re-installed Adobe and about to format the tablet to see if it changes.


      I just want to Save as PDF locally on both tablets.

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          KhanMehwish Adobe Employee



          The Save as PDF option for Google Cloud Print is only available for Android versions 4.4 and above. Formatting the tablet or reinstalling the app would not help and you will lose important data. I would advise you against it. All of the files annotated with Adobe Acrobat are saved back to their original location. Are you trying to save them to a different location using 'Save As PDF'?



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            ap77689291 Level 1

            The tablets have no data on them while I am testing this. Knowing it is an Android version issue is helpful, thanks. What I am trying to do is annotate and then flatten the file so that when it is re-uploaded to a web portal from the tablet, the annotations cannot be edited. Using 'Save As PDF' on the newer tablet does this perfectly. I could print them to google drive and re-upload from there however the account is shared and this is not ideal. Do you have any suggestions?