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    Frustrated! - Charged cancellation fee of $197 for cancelling during the free promotion period


      Just wanted to voice my frustration at Adobe for being so sneaky and charging us a massive $197 cancellation fee for cancelling Adobe Stock which was given to us as a one month free promotion "cancel within the first 30 days for no charge".


      The amount charged was never displayed in our Order History, nor was I made aware of the charge when I cancelled. I only found it as I was reconciling my credit card statement so therefore I had no idea what the charge was for.


      I then had to spend 40mins on hold to your accounts department only to get cut off. Another 20 mins on hold again I finally talk to a person to try and find out what the charge was. Then they had no idea (or pretended not to know) about the promotion and I had to provide proof of the free deal. This was very frustrating and upsetting, let alone time consuming.


      Thankfully, Adobe agreed to reverse the charge which I hope will show up on my credit card within the timeframe they said.


      Why offer free promotions / offers that are so messy to process on the system and cause your customers so much grief?

      After searching the forum I see that I'm not the only way to complain about this issue.