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    Yes,Lightroom 6.6 is slower than Lightroom 5.7

    megmacphoto57@aol.com Level 1

      Here is my un-scientific test results. I imported and exported the same files with both programs. There were 201 files. With LR5.7 the import time was 5 min. 27 sec., with LR6.6 it was 8 min. 49 sec.  The export time for the LR5.7 files was 4 min. 19 sec. and 5 min 0 sec. for LR.6. The import time was significantly longer with LR6.6 and export time slightly longer. I have resorted back to LR5.7 because I typically import 1000 to 1200 files at a time. I wanted to use some of the new features with LR6.6 but simply don't have the time. Shouldn't newer versions / upgrades be better than its predecessor?