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    Cannot open borrowed eBook - "Activation Server error"


      The problem started with not being able to open an eBook that was transferred to my Nook. After looking at other forum posts, I did downgrade by uninstalling ADE 4.5 and installing ADE 3.0. I then got an error message that the book could not be transferred to my Nook and I followed instructions on OverDrive that said to deauthorize the Nook and authorize it again. I still could not get it to transfer. I was just going to give up and read it on the computer, but now I'm getting the following error when I try to open the book:

      Window Title: Computer Authorization

      Body of Window: An Error Has Been Detected

      Activation Server error - code E_ADEPT_INTERNAL

      Digital Editions encounter an error on the activation server.


      My only options are to hit Cancel or Try Again. Try Again will give me the same error message.


      If I try to redownload the book from OverDrive, I get the following error:

      Unable to download

      Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem: E_ACT_NOT_READY

      I can only hit OK, there are no other buttons.


      I tried going through customer service chat, but was informed that the only way to get help was asking on Forums. As an FYI, I'm working on a MBP, OS X 10.11.5.