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    Reg:GetMatchingArt() returns Error (error no = 1146045247) in CS6 Plugin With Panel


      Dear Friends,

         I am Facing a problem, GetMatchingArt() returns Error (error no= 1146045247) in CS6 Plugin With Panel.

         I have read a Earlier discussion about error no 1146045247.Then I try to add PushAppContext() before   Create()  metod  of  Panel and PopAppContext()  after Create()  metod  of  Panel ,stil the problem is not fixed.

         Please give me your suggestions to fix this problem.
         Note:PreCondition: I Must select an art before Calling  GetMatchingArt()  method.
              Spec type in GetMatchingArt()  is kAnyArt.
             The nummatches Argument   returns 0 and Error (error no= 1146045247).

         Thank you Friends.