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    Creative Cloud Desktop App crashing





      We don’t use CC Desktop App a lot, but there’s a need to have it up&running on some computers(TypeKit).


      I’ve been very unsuccessful with running this app, already tried everything possible(OOBE, clearing, reinstalling etc - even tried something more than the 1st page of google results) - the only way to make it work is quite inconvenient:


      1. Enable root
      2. Make the mac run in a safe mode
      3. Install CC & log in, then it seems to work - but I wouldn’t say it’s a good way


      After rebooting to a regular mode it’s logged in, but crashes pretty quickly. When I sign in(the regular mode) to Adobe it crashes immediately or just spins for a while and then shows me the login screen back and then crashes.


      It does work on local accounts using safe mode - the weird thing is it does always work perfectly on MBP(late 2013), but we have a lot of Mini 7,1 workstations and it’s a no-go over there - OS X 10.11.5.


      Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? I’m out of ideas & googled solutions don’t help at all, but it needs to be done.