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    How sharing files between Elements Organiser and Premiere Elements?




      Since numerous years and versions of Premiere and Photoshop Elements, I have appreciated the use of Video projects in Elements Organiser, when a new project had been created under Premiere Elements. I have been currently using this feature till Version 11 of Premiere and Photoshop Elements.


      Since my last update to 14 version of both softwares, this feature does not appear to be present anymore. Indeed when I create a new Premiere Elements project and fill it with video files:

      • either by draging them from Elements Organiser into Premiere Elements
      • or by importing video files from Premiere Elements,

      no new category of Album (usually named by the title of the video project) appears in Elements Organiser left column. Sofar help files have not been helpful, even the detailled: https://helpx.adobe.com/elements-organizer/using/using-elements-organizer-premiere-element s.html

      Does anyone has a clue on the procedure for enabeling again this important feature under Premiere Elements 14 and Photoshop Elements 14?


      I currently operate under Windows 7Pro, 64b. When installing Photoshop Elements 14, I have converted Elements Organiser catalogs version 11 into version 14, using the automatic procedure. Neither Premiere nor Photoshop Elements 11 are anymore active on this computer. Suspecting a "bug" in the update of Elements Organiser version 11 to 14, I have made following unsuccesful attempts:

      • I have created a new video project with Premiere Elements 14 and added video files using the dragging from Elements Organiser 14 into Premiere Elements 14
      • I have created a new video project with Premiere Elements 14 and added video files using the import function of the sofware.

      In both cases it failed to create in My albums a new folder My video projects, with the name of the newly created project in Premiere Elements.


      I do hope to receive assistance on this issue which is very important when selecting video sequences from a very large number of video files for creating a new video film.


      Thanks in advance for your suggestions.