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    Copying Files in Lightroom


      Hi All,


      I have a couple questions. I currently save all my files on an external hard drive I just bought a new, bigger harddrive and want to copy all my files over.  I want to keep all the lightroom edits/virtual copies, however, and I want to keep copies of all of it on the original, smaller hard drive as another back up.  So here are my questions:


      1) Is there anyway to bulk copy images (not just move) in lightroom?

      2) I already copied a lot of files over without lightroom. It took hours and hours so I'd rather not start from scratch. Is there a way to have all the Lightroom work I did on them (edits & virtual copies) show up on them in their new location?


      Thanks for any help!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          1) No, only MOVE is possible in Lightroom

          2) If you use your operating system to COPY the photos, you then have to connect Lightroom to the copy of the photos by using the instructions in "Part 2 — Updating Folder Location" of this document: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders

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            D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

            This wouldn't address any virtual copies, as they don't exist outside of the catalog.

            If virtual copies weren't of any concern then Lightroom CAN copy files to a new location via the export dialog.


            First save metadata to the files. Metadata > Save Metadata to Files.

            In the export dialog Select "Original" for the File format.

            Also check the box " Add to this catalog" in the Export Location section.


            This will copy files to the new drive and preserve any edits created in lightroom.


            If virtual copies were important (and they should be) then another option to copying files would be to export as a catalog. this would honor the changes (without saving metadata) and preserve any virtual copies. It will also honor the folder structure.

            One the export has completed, move the catalog and preview files back to whereveer you like to store your catalog files.