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    Lightroom seems to have a massive memory "leak" problem building previews


      When building previews for thousends of pictures Lightroom crashes. I discovered that starting the task  memory usage is around 1000mb and processor usage is around 70%. the more pictures processed the lower the processor usage gets and the more RAM it uses. it never seems release the RAM or no garbage collection is done.  at some point nearly no pictures are processed any more and when stopping the building process Lightroom crashes!!!


      Browsing through various forums on the net I found quite some people with the same crash problems. No answers were given. Only the usual install new display drivers etc. 


      Is there anyone who had the same problem and solved it? (apart from building previews in small batches with restarting Lightroom inbetween which would take days)

      Could anyone at Adobe explain the more than strange memory "behavior"?

      Thanks for any help


      My System:

      newly built Win 10, Z170 Chipset, Core i7 6700K,  fast SSD (2 m.2 with 2500MB transfer speed), 16GB RAM, all drivers updated

      LR CC updated to the newest version.


      PS: the same Problem occured on two other systems (older PC Win 10) and Lenovo Yoga 900 Laptop.