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    PGB appx deploy on Windows 10 close immediately after launch

    nicolasg83492958 Level 1

      Hi Community !


      Did someone ever encounter this kind of situation :

      1. I build an universal app with Phonegap Build
      2. I download the ".appx" on a PC running Windows 10
      3. I change the settings of the PC like this : Settings > Update and security > For developers > Sideload apps (it's like activate the “Unknown sources” checkbox on an Android phone or tablet)
      4. I import the security certificate (.cer) for the appx package like this :
        1. Open it by double-click and select Install Certificate
        2. On the Certificate Import Wizard, select Local Machine
        3. Import the certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder
      5. When the certificate is successfully install, I open a PowerShell window
      6. I deploy the universal app like this : PS C:\Users\<me>> Add-AppxPackage -Path "<path-to-my-appx-file>"
      7. The app is correctly deploy, I have no error message and I find my application in the start menu
      8. When I launch my application, it is launching and suddenly... close. I have no error message, I see quickly my first page, I begin to smile and then... closed...


      I don't know how to do, I tried to search on the web, read a lot of comments, ask to Google because it is our friend... but unfortunately not always

      I don't know if it is a problem from my Phonegap Build configuration (config.xml or the certificate) or if it is a problem from Windows 10 (not my natural domain...)


      Thanks in advance,