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    Lens correction for Nikon 18-35


      Hi everybody! Does anyone has problems to fix the distortion of a Nikon 18-35 like me? Even if I apply the lens correction in Lightroom CC, there are still barrell distortions that I have to correct in manual and without full satisfaction, especially when I shot in 18. I've tried to download a new lens profile from the Adobe Lens Profile Downloader but it doesn't work because the software always fails to download the details and however it doesn't have my camera profile with that lens (Nikon d800e). In a forum of architectural photographers some users agreed with me that both Lightroom and Photoshop don't have a good lens correction tool, and suggested me to use DxO Pro Optics or PTLens. But I would like to keep my workflow in Adobe CC without other softwares, so any suggestions will be higly appreciated, thank you! Claudia