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    PDF Language Not Saving




      I am working with a PDF that needs to pass certain accessibility tests, and I'm running into a hurdle with something that should be simple. I created the layout using InDesign and when I exported it to a PDF, I specified English as the language.


      When I opened the PDF using Acrobat Pro DC, and went to File > Properties > Advanced Tab > Reading Options, and there was no language specified. So, I used the dropdown menu, chose English, and saved it.


      When I open the PDF using Reader, or when other people I've sent the file to open it, there is still no Language specified in the Reading Options section. I've tried using ISO codes, setting it to other languages in the dropdown menus, but I can't get any value displayed.


      I'm on a Mac using InDesign CC 2015, Acrobat Pro DC 2015 with the latest updates.


      How can I get the Language to display in the Reading Options section?