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    Lightroom on mobile - downloaded on mac -the wrong catalog. What to do?


      I have been without internet connection over quite some time. During this time i downloaded Lightroom on my mobile phone. Now i have finally have internet again, and want to have Lightroom installed on my Mac as well. So - i downloaded it, set it up, and realized that it does not import the pictures which i already have installed via my phone.. I want to change catalog (now it says import to something.irc or similar). I want it to sync with the catalog used on my phone.


      There is an option, where you can change catalog, but then then there is a warning saying "you want to delete 1029 pictures"? I really dont want to do that!! I do NOT have a backup yet, and no pictures on my mac (in any location). My external hard drive which i have stored all original pictures in have crashed... and i can`t back them up via mobile phone..


      So the only place i actually have my pictures now, is adobe/ lightroom..So how do i proceed? Any one have any ideas?