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    JPGs loaded with XML

      Please help me with this issue. I have tried to solve this myself without luck. I am very close!

      WEBSITE: www.baardlunde.com

      ISSUE: get the "next" and "previous"-buttons to work properly.

      DESCRIPTION: if you browse through a portfolio, you should easily be able to click on the next image. At the moment it is not; when you have clicked on a thumbnail to view the larger version, you have to go back to the category to click on a new thumbnail.

      I added the "next" and "previouos"-buttons to the project. This is how it works: SWF sample.

      When you have clicked on a thumbnail, ex. in the fashion category and click on the 'next' button, it begins to show the last image on the xml-list. When I click next again, it shows the second last, and so on.

      QUESTION: how can I make it show the next image listed after the current image viewed in the xml-file?

      THE CODE:

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          flash_eidos Level 1
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            Craig Grummitt Level 3
            this should work fine if the variable visesNaa is set when the user clicks on a specific thumbnail.

            you'll need to set antallBilder somewhere too... that part seems to be working on the linked site though, so you must be already.

            what might be a better idea for structuring your code would be to put the line:
            fileName = alleFilnavn[visesNaa];
            in your imageView function. then you would just have to set visesNaa and call imageView regardless of whether the user clicked on a thumbnail or clicked on next/back. if you want to get even tidier, pass the function the variable visesNaa as a parameter.