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    Default filepath for saving after a signature is not the filepath of the original document




      I am using Adobe Standard XI and have an issue with the default filepath after digitally signing a document.


      What happens currently:

      I use "Place Signature" to add my digital signature to a document.  After putting in my password and clicking "Sign" the Save As window automatically pops up (all good so far).  The default filepath that it loads is the last place I had saved a PDF file - this is my issue.


      What I would like to happen:

      After adding my signature and having the Save As dialog pop up, I would like the default filepath to be the filepath of the original unsigned document.  I.e. I sign it, click "Save" in the Save As dialog box, and it will overwrite the previous unsigned version.


      I use this function dozens of times a day on PDFs in all different filepaths, it is a significant interruption to my workflow to navigate to where I would like to save the signed version each time.


      I have used Reader XI and Pro XI previously, but on a different computer, and have never encountered this issue: when using those programs it defaulted to overwriting the unsigned file.  Additionally, I have colleagues using Standard XI who do not run into this issue either.


      Thank you,