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    Pencil tool won't stop making circles or squares instead of more custom, organic shapes. Help!

    Emperor Maccabeus

      Right now I'm working on An, and I'm trying to use the pencil tool to make a more organic, custom shape to fit my goal. Lately however, every time I try making the desired shape I want with a pencil, it usually reverts to a circle, sometimes a square. The whole point of me using the pencil is so I can get the specific shape I want, if I wanted a circle or square I could easily use the other tools to make them! I'm pretty sure that I made more organic shapes before with An moderately modifying them to be more straight or smoothly curved lines, but now when I've been using the pencil lately for a custom shape, it just turns into shapes I could use a tool to make easily! Please help me get the pencil tool to make organic shapes again!