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    Adobe Animate crashes when opening files

    Mark Clarkson

      Animate has done this to me several times now and it's beyond maddening. I work on an animation for several days. I save iterated versions (foo1, foo2,foo3,etc.) Then, a week or two later, the client asks for some revisions but, when I go to open foo3, animate crashes. It won't open the file. Now, I have to go back to foo2, hope that it opens, and then try to reconstruct all the changes I had already made in foo3 - doing work a second time, for free - save it under a new file name (foo4) and hope against hope that, the next time I need to work on it, Animate doesn't crash on opening again.


      It's random in the sense that I never know what file it's going to refuse to open, but it's not random in that it's always the same file. It doesn't open foo3 some times but refuse other times. Once it's crashed on opening a file, I know that file is lost to me forever.


      I can't work like this, nor do I understand what's going wrong or what I can possibly do to fix or get around the problem.