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    Does *Go to destination* work in .Swf ?

    summertimeluv Level 1



      here is the issue i am facing..


      Ive an indesign document of +100 pages


      the thing is that i created many buttons in it.. which use the function: *Go to page: XX*..

      they work perfectly well.. EXCEPT for one HUMONGOUSSSSSSS  issue...

      when i add additional pages in the middle of the document..

      it messed up ALLLLLLLLL my buttons links.. because all the pages changes..


      So i decided to do use the *Go to destination* function.. this way even if i add pages it wont affect my file

      I did a test but to my DISMAY... that Go to destination function didn't work!!!

      I tested it by exporting it into a .SWF file... - thats what my final file will be


      I also tested the *Go to destination* function.. by exporting it in PDF.. & in the interactive PDF.. the button functioned normally..


      So my question is.. is the *Go to destination* limited for ONLY interactive PDF???
      As it  DOES NOT seem to work for .SWF...

      can you suggest another solution for my HUGE issue please..


      thank you


      I have the latest version of indesign CC 2015 & i deleted it & installed it again today