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    Can you help me to insert a JAVA script into an Adobe PDF form I have created.


      I have never programmed in Java and need a Java script to insert into a calculation field in an Adobe PDF form I am creating using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  This form will be one that can be filled out on the PC or printed out and filled in manually.  The calculated field will display an unwanted zero when printed out and I want it to be blank.  Another field will be a calculated percent and displays an error when there is no divisor; similar problem, I want it to be blank and have the person filing out the form manually to calculate the field and write it in.  I don't have time to learn


      The Excel formula would be:  If(Cell_1A="","",Cell_1A+Cell_1B)


      What would the JAVA script be in a "Simplified Field Notation" or "Custom Calculation Script" dialog box?