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    Title:  Establish consistent construction document PDF viewer presentation across all commonly used electronic platforms.


      This is our research statement that we need help and suggestions for, please:

      Evaluate, find, treat and redefine existing file formats to be comprehensive consistent PDF presentation resolved for a single survey grade georeferenced project layout file on: CADD PC’s, Laptop’s, Ipad’s, Tablet’s, and other Handheld’s, common to daily use by MnDOT and private industry of the: site survey, field engineering, landscape design, construction contract execution, prosecution of work, and complete system operations of our transportation industry.

      Initially, we want to explore to discover, refine and optimize the progressive refinement within continuous improvement of Adobe PDF file Document Properties Management, where, in particular, the Initial View opened is captured the same for all platforms.  Secondly, that the Targeted Bookmarks within the file also display the entire area within the platform view screen with each Bookmark opening as a page.  The result being that each screen type viewer sees the same whole thing, the image limits in entirety that can then be zoomed, panned and otherwise navigated upon to their satisfaction in plan review, plan checking, project advertisement, contract letting and award, construction, operational maintenance and roadside asset management of the project in lifecycle perpetually.

      Among possible solutions, we would like to work specifically with Adobe to create and establish a new tab under Document Properties for articulating Bookmark Viewer Controls that will make the design plan web-responsive across all electronic platforms that we use to consume accurate georeferenced project data bases in real time.

      Thank you for your consideration.