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    Import JUST one layer from an AI file?

    karenf1 Level 1

      I imported an AI file with layers - for animating. I realize I've forgotten one thing and added it to a new layer in .ai file. Is there a way to just import the new layer & not reimport all the layers again?

      Also - is there a way to make the import naming convention - just - the layer name? Currently, AE is appending the layers with the file name added at the end and it slows down the workflow for me as the name is soooo long it takes longer to figure out which layer I want to grab. Many thanks!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Nope, no way to import just one layer.  Well, there is -- put just one layer in the Illustrator file, them import it as a comp.  But you probably don't want that.


          You could import the whole Illustrator document again as a comp, but you've probably started animating already.  Depending on how you're doing the animation, that may or may not be a good idea,


          If you gave the Illustrator layers your own names IN ILLUSTRATOR, they should show up in AE.  Double-click the Layer name column header in the timeline to see.

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            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

            1. if you want to import one layer you select "Footage" and select the layer and choose if you want it to be layer size or document Size


            2. Ae has two names in the Name Column. the Layer Name and the Source Name and you can work with each of them

            source name

            click on the Source Name and you get Layer Name

            if you change the name of the layer in the timeline you are affecting the Layer Name. if you change it in the Project Window - you affect the source name. you'll get the hang of it