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    PageMaker to Indesign

    bene71749881 Level 1

      I would like to retire Pagemaker.

      I installed InDesign CS6.

      I then open my Pagemaker project of 65 megs. 

      It opens but the images are blurry and the quality is poor.

      I then save the file as an InDesign file.

      The size is then reduced to 14 megs (again, poor picture quality).

      My goal is to then open that InDesign CS6 file in InDesign CC going forward.

      How do I get my Pagemaker file to open in InDesign where I can maintain the quality of my 120 images?

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          Migintosh Level 4

          It's been a while since I've dealt with PageMaker, but if I remember correctly, the trick was to make sure the images in the PM file were linked (and not embedded) with paths to the images that PageMaker could see (in other words, not missing). There are some version requirements, but if you got it to open in InDesign, I think you're good. If you're new to InDesign and aren't familiar with the way it deals with images, what you typically see is the low-resolution preview of images that allows quicker scrolling, but if you want to see more detailed images, you can go to View>Display Performance>High Quality Display, but that will only show them better on-screen (won't change print quality). I hope that helps.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
            1. Take care that the images are linked to the PageMaker file. Never embed them (neither in InDesign).
            2. If you open the INDD file, images show up in low quality for speed reasons. But with right mouse click you can change the display quality to the best possible.
            3. For the future work in InDesign: Avoid EPS, use AI, PDF/X-4, PDP, PSD and if not transparency is involved you can use JPG. For images you should prefer RGB even for print.
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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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                jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                Open your Links panel and look at what is listed. Post a screen shot here if you want to. PageMaker allowed you to link or to embed graphics, and linked was always the best practice.


                If the images are embedded, the icon will look like this:


                If they are missing the icon will be red, and if they are broken you will see yellow.


                What do you see in the Links panel?


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                  philippanmei Level 4

                  It might be because of the improper link up in Pagemaker file. Press Ctrl+D and check whether it is in proper link up, if not do updates and open in Indesign. (e.g. see the image)


                  Hope it works



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