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    Accidentally moved prog. files to backup - now LR won't start


      After an email alerted me that OneDrive was discontinuing their unlimited(mostly) backup, I bought a 3T external hard drive. Somehow while moving files from my OneDrive I cut-and-pasted all Lightroom program files to the hard drive and removed it from my desktop. I tried to "undo" this by copying the files back but when I click on the LR program nothing happens now other than a "loading" cursor that disappears as quickly as it appears. I can't seem to find answers through Google so I'm hoping someone here has made a dumb mistake like this other than myself. I literally just bought this program after my computer crashed and I lost LR3. HELP.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried reinstalling LR?


          Moving the LR program files, which would be very hard to do as they are in either the Applications folder, on a Mac, or the C drive Program Files folder, Windows, and should having nothing to do with your original One Drive folder, would not delete your catalog file or the LR Previews folder. It also wouldn't move or delete any user preferences or presets.


          So reinstalling the program would set everything right and all you would have to do is open your existing LR catalog file. That is if LR didn't automatically see it and open the original catalog file on its own.

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            MarTuma15 Level 1

            I had originally thought if I reinstalled it, I would no longer have the option to put the program on a second computer but I found I was wrong. I did reinstall it and that did work


            I believe when I set it up originally after my laptop had crashed and I'd lost everything (I had to purchase LR again) that in the case of my laptop crashing again I found it safer to run the program from OneDrive directly, so all the main files were there, while all backups were on my internal hard drive. So that is likely how it got moved. All I did was cut and paste everything to the external hard drive.

            Thank you so much for the help