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    I NEED HELP!!! Interactive Indesign flip book for Website & FTP troubles


      Greetings everyone,


      First and foremost I am trying to make a flip book with animation, audio and video, with the intent of putting this flip book on a website and blog.


      I have made the book and while I am new to the program I believe I made the book properly.

      • I designed the book using the digital publishing work space
      • I imported the audio, video and animation via a tutorial on YouTube.

      Where I am confused is at the following step

      • I saved the file as a SWF and a PDF

      Is that proper for what I am trying to do. When I send the SWF and PDF to a friend for troubleshooting purposes. However the friend can not hear the audio or see the animation nor video on neither file. Can anyone give me how to save my project properly and hold the audio, animation and video.


      Next I did some research and learned that my book needs to be somewhere online (I know that the proper saving is key at this point) And I should be using my FTP service and when I upload my book on my FTP I should then be able to get an embedded code or URL from the FTP server and be able to link that to my site.

      Even though the video and audio is not showing I at least wanted to see the book on the site.

      So I used FileZilla and uploaded the SWF and PDF files, (because I really didn't know which would work). However I don't know what to do from there. I called my FTP server and was told that I need to call the website building program I'm using. She sounded distracted so I'm not sure how much I trust her.


      How can I get my book on my site. That's all I want!