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    "Lightroom will open with reduced functionality"


      I am using a 13" MacBook Pro running OS X 10.11.6.


      I have a 1 year CC Photography Plan with a renewal date of Feb 10, 2017. When I start Lightroom, it says, "Lightroom will open with reduced functionality. Please go to Help -> 'Manage My Account' to purchase a membership to continue using Lightroom."


      Things I've tried after combing through this forum:

      - Sign out and sign back into CC

      - Update Lightroom using Adobe Application Manager

      - Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool and ask it to clean everything it offers to clean; then reinstall CC and Lightroom

      - Go to accounts.adobe.com/plans and deactivate all computers, then reinstall CC and Lightroom

      - Uninstall and reinstall Lightroom

      - Uninstall and reinstall both Lightroom and Adobe Application Manager

      - Delete /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/SLCache


      I've also tried all of the instructions on these pages:

      - https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/sign-in-out-activate-apps.html

      - https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html

      - https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activate-deactivate-products.html

      - https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/activation-connectivity-errors-creative-cloud.ht ml


      None of the above attempts have worked. Deleting the SLCache directory gets Lightroom to start up with full functionality once, but once I exit Lightroom, the next time it starts with reduced functionality again.