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    Menu display problem on high DPI display


      Okay, so I have dealt with these types of issues before in other programs while using a high DPI display.  It appears in the latest release of Lightroom that there is a bug with the location that menus are displayed on the screen (See picture below.)  in the last version of Lightroom this was a non-issue.  I upgraded last night and now I am having this issue. 


      Background information


      PC running Microsoft Windows 8.1 with all latest updates.

      Newest release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Previous version didn't cause the problem.)

      Dual display setup

      Monitor 1:  Dell U3415W  at 3440x1440

      Monitor 2: Visio M65-C1  65" LED TV at 4096x2160


      Please let me know if anyone has a solution or if I need to provide any additional information. 


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      Image located here: Dropbox - Screenshot 2016-07-23 04.07.47.png