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    Bought perpetual license for Photoshop LR6, but download manager offers only CC




      As of today, I bought a prepaid card for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 (Mac; German).

      1) I login with my Adobe ID and enter the code displayed on the prepaid card.

      2) Adobe website tells me that

      - I have successfully redeemed my prepaid card

      - I don't need a serial number

      - I can download my product

      3) The browser downloads some installer file. The installed software seems to be a download manager.

      4) The download manager does not offer the product that I bought. It offers only Lightroom CC and starts downloading it, which I cancelled.

      5) I searched for direct download links, and found them.

      Problem is: For the software downloaded via direct links you need a serial number, but I don't have it (see step 2).

      My account also does not show any serial number for purchased products.

      6) I have not found any page on the Adobe Website that would explain how I could download exactly the product that I purchased.

      7) Telephone support is not available over the weekend.


      I would appreciate any hint that would solve my problem.

      Thanks for reading so far!


      Best regards,



      Additional information: I have older versions of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom installed (LR 4 and LR 5) and also CS5.