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    Macro Depth of Field/Close up focus?


      Hey guys,


      Im having trouble focusing on objects that are close to the camera. I have a 2 node camera rushing through a tunnel of shape layer circles to arrive at a shape layer image of a cloud at the end. I have had my focus distance linked to a null which is really handy. As I push through the tunnel I animate the focus null from the start of the tunnel through to cloud at the end. The camera just wont focus on it though. If I move the layer further away in Z space and then move the focus null to it then I get focus. I don't really want to move it further away though. I like it where it is.



      I'm dealing with a shape layer so it's not resolution.
      I know that I could just reduce the blur to zero at this point but I would like real depth of field and also want to know what is causing this.

      Is it just that After Effectrs has a minimum focus distance like a real camera would?


      Never had this problem before. Any suggestions appreciated!


      Thank you!!