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    Saving work in progress with Premiere Elements



      I am driven to distraction by my inability to save works in progress on Premiere Elements. I have version 14 and have only just started using it. It is wonderful but when I save my project un-rendered, I cannot get it back. When I try, PE loads the file then I get a message stating 'Project not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements". I have uninstalled it on the advice of an adviser at Adobe and re-installed the program to no avail. Has anyone else seen this and is there an answer please. I have lost up to 6 hours work and counting.


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          jedokie Level 1

          Even worse when Premiere Elements 14 does save a project the slides from a slideshow project do NOT remain in the same order and a large number of the slides are replaced by a red screen that says "Media Offling". The slideshow program is very faulty and of very poor quality with little or NO support! If you try to follow the very sketchy "How to" video good luck on getting it to work the way the instructional video says it will. Also if you get a slide show made, where are the instructions on how to burn your slide show to DVD. Where is Adobe support?

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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            " I have version 14 and have only just started using it."


            This is a user forum.  Mostly for the fun of it, people offer help. 


            I've never had issues like you describe.  Can you be more detailed about what your are trying to do and how you are doing it?  What are you doing that requires "rendering"?  What is the source of your media?  How are you putting your media into a project?  Are your preview rendering or output rendering?  What have you done to learn the program?


            I'll help if I can.



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              henryg57829253 Level 1

              Hi Bill

              I bought an iMac to enable me to use the huge collection of video tracks of the family and I hope to make video DVDs for each junior member. I bought the combined Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and Adobe Premiere Elements and loaded up. As soon as I tried to save my projects I ran into trouble. No matter how I saved, rendered by the application or not rendered to smooth it out, I could never save my work, go away for a day, then come back and load up the previous work to continue to add new strips of video to it. Every time I tried to load up the previous work, I would get the message 'Project not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements.

              Regarding your questions, I have learned that rendering is required to smooth out the constructed video but no-where have I read that it is necessary before saving. The source of the original media is my hard drive but clearly the source of my "saved" previous work is my Movies folder. I have no problem putting the media, my strips of video into the program. My problem comes when I try to continue with my work after a day off. I don't know the difference between preview or output rendering but I assume I tried preview rendering because I have not got to the stage of actually outputting and video. I can't get the time to work on it to complete it. I would really have to work on it for 24 hours I guess then output it all at the same time to ensure that I didn't have to save it. But then I could't get another copy!

              I have used the many training videos for the program on-line and bought the Muvipix.com Guide.

              I may say that I used this program 2 years ago, version 9 I think, on my PC and it worked great. I could save attempts and retrieve no problem at all. Version 14 is a new ball game. I had a chat with a member of Adobe and he took control of my machine for a while but he was not able to get it to work either. All he suggested was un-install then re-install the program. I did this to no avail

              Thank you for your time and interest.



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                whsprague Adobe Community Professional



                In reading your description, could it be that you are not saving the "project" and are instead saving the "output"?


                Other than that, I'm concerned that something may be wrong with your computer or the installation.  I'm not a Mac user so don't know what to offer.   I've read, but don't understand, discussions about Apple operating system upgrades create some folder permission issues that cause confusion.   Google for "Apple Write Permissions". 


                Could there be a conflict with iMovie? 


                Other than that, I don't have any guesses why it works for thousands and not for you.  Common questions are always about memory, hard disk space, file types, etc.   Being you're on an Apple, I don't know what questions to ask.



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                  henryg57829253 Level 1

                  Thanks Bill

                  You obviously know far more about computers than I do but the version of P Elements is for the Mac so I would have thought that it would work and it must or they wouldn't sell it I guess.

                  I recently upgraded to El Capitan as an OS and apparently, it does away with the Write Permissions which you describe. I have no clue as to what they might be anyway but it is something to ask Adobe tomorrow when I go on the chat line. I am saving a .prel file so it is the project I think that I save. I just can't reload it back into the program.

                  Conflict with iMovie is beyond my pay-grade I fear but again, it is something to enquire about.


                  My guess is that there is something simple going on which is elusive so I will have to be patient. Thank you for taking the time to help. Greatly appreciated.



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                    henryg57829253 Level 1


                    I have used some of the other titles to the right of this series of replies under more like this and this is what I found from Flipside 67 on Jan 13, 2016.


                    Hi David

                    I have just updated to Elements 14 and started to get this error as well.

                    I have found that if I have used Motion Titles in the project then it will not open. If I have used Classic Titles the project will open with out a problem.

                    I have raised this with Adobe as yet but I hope this information helps.


                    Best regards




                    Bill, I have motion titles in my video which will not open. Must try a video without and if it is this, I will be astonished that this bug has not been dealt with before.



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                      whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                      Keep at it.  I would help more if I could.