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    Slow FPS when "playing from RAM"


      I am receiving an extremely low frame rate when rendering. For half resolution around 2fps and for full resolution around 0.5fps. In general I use a lot of rotoscoping and the frames seem to propagate very slowly.


      I have attempted to find many solutions but have not had any luck. I know the fps does not play in real time but these frame rates seem abnormally slow.


      Some video details are:

      Original video: MPEG4 H264 59fps

      Converted down to: MPEG2 HD 1080p 23.976fps 1920x1080 resolution (imported into after effects) (27MB)


      My system specifications are:

      Windows 8.1

      Adobe After Effect CC

      3.40 GHZ CPU

      32 GB RAM (1333mhz) (30 GB free for after effects)

      After Effects is installed on an SSD and I save my AE projects on an alternate (non SSD drive)


      Any suggestions to speed this up or the clarification that my low fps would indeed be normal would be most appreciated.

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          Myles6 Level 1

          That is just in the preview, it has to go through all the frames to play the entire thing at a normal and the regular frame rate. Once you actually render the project it should work smoothly and won't be laggy. "Playing from RAM" just means its playing from your harddrive so it won't be a fast frame rate as it is trying to process the project at the regular speed. Please don't judge what i have said in the response as I am only 13 and probably don't know the actual answer. Just trying to help people as best as possible

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            tomjj1 Level 1

            Thank you for the clarification. I will wait to see if there is further answers also just in case. Age in most cases is just a number and just because someone may have a higher number it does not automatically mean they are more knowledgeable in many cases it is the opposite.


            I am wondering if I can boost up any system hardware to counter act this, or that is just the basic function of the program no matter the hardware behind it. It seems if someone was doing extremely long edits waiting at these fps would take an "infinite" amount of time to complete the original process.