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    Old Adobe Flash Animator


      Okay so I can't find a way to contact Adobe directly because their stupid "customer service" center is a piece of **** excuse for "customer support" if i can't even get an email address to ask a freaking question, so I am here in the forums to try and find an answer to my question.


      This is concerning the old Adobe Flash (animating software) but i can't post in that forum because it's "read-only".


      Can i still get the old Adobe Flash (animating software) and will it work even if i don't have a membership? I am one of those people who absolutely HATES monthly subscriptions to anything, i believe it is the worst and is just meant to suck the money out of consumers. If I'm going to pay for it, I want to freaking buy it outright not pay month-to-month for "updates" that add "new and useful" tools that I'm never going to use also i don't want anything other than the one software that I'm going for. Can i still but the old Adobe Flash and if so, where can i buy/get it? 


      No, I don't want the new Adobe Animate CC of whatever it's called, I don't need all the freaking complicated tools and buttons and stuff, simple and straight-forward, but if I have to I will buy Adobe Animate but only it, no monthly whatever and nothing else, i don't need anything else with it (no photographs or online "cloud" storage, or extras tools I'll never use). I'm sorry if I sound "bitchy" or what have you, but I'm sick and tired of every single animating software i wish to use is either freaking $500 or on a month-to-month subscription. If someone, anyone could help me either find out where i can get Adobe Flash or point me to someone who can, I would be forever grateful.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          CS6 is the last non-subscription version... IF you will be allowed to buy based on your operating system compatibility


          Link to buy CS6 via telephone http://www.adobe.com/products/cs6.html read all the way to the bottom


          According to what I read in a forum message, Mac newer than 10.7 must subscribe to the Cloud instead of buying CS6... and someone with Win10 must also subscribe to the Cloud since CS6 is not compatible (meaning the sales person will ask your operating system and will not sell you CS6 if it won't run on your computer... I don't know if that means only Win7 and you may not buy if you have Win8)

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