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    "no index keywords"

    catamaran Level 1
      This is a new posting for a recent problem, because I've found an error message in the Tools -> Index report. The User Guide index imported correctly. The Admin Guide index imported the same way, using the same options, listed the keywords/subkeywords in the index pane, but no links.

      I tried substituting a known good hhk file (which did fix another problem once), but that didn't work this time.

      Under the gun, of course!

      Thanks for any help,
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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          You are not having fun this week, are you?

          Are you importing Word docs? I wonder if opening up the Admin Guide in Word, right-clicking in the Index, and selecting 'Update field' will help? Maybe the links got broken in Word before you imported, or maybe they just didn't match up with the headings that created the topic filenames.

          Holding out a straw for grasping (hope we both float, glub, glub),
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            catamaran Level 1
            aaaarrrrgggggh! I've rechecked the Word doc, updated all, fixed a H1 that somehow got awry, and began importing each chapter separately. Same thing, all the imported index entries are automatically cross-referenced when they come in. Will welcome any ideas.

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              catamaran Level 1
              Here's the fix. The index wasn't building because it was hanging on a font problem within a table. This took time to find, due to system problems and multiple types of error messages. Revising the chapter, retyping the text into another chapter, and even redoing the table with a little cut & paste didn't fix it. Finally I noted the font change within the table, made it all arial 9 (there had been a link, as well as some font that I don't remember now), and now the index works fine. What a relief.