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    Problem With Adobe digital authorisation & accessing ebooks - help needed

    sspil Level 1

      Ok so I purchased 2 x ebooks about 4 days ago.  I downloaded them onto my computer & it prompted me that I would have to view them in Adobe digital editions, which I accepted.


      When they were downloaded I did not have an Adobe account and didn't realise I needed one until I tried to open them on another laptop and couldn't.  I looked at 'help' and it said about setting up an adobe account and authorising the computer.  So I did that - but on the laptop that I hadn't downloaded the ebooks onto.  Result: I still couldn't access my books.  So I asked for support on chat and de-authorised my adobe account on the laptop.


      I then tried to authorise my computer with the ebooks on, did so but it wouldn't let me open my ebooks as the following message appeared (I have blanked out my details):


      image of adobe error message.jpg


      So I went on chat help again  they advised that I de-authorise my account on my computer and re-authorise with my adobe account details.  I did so and then tried to re-download my ebooks.  this is what happened:

      image of adobe error message 3.jpg


      So I have now de-authorised my adobe account on the computer with the ebooks on.  AND I CAN'T OPEN MY EBOOKS AT ALL NOW.  Chat assistant said I had to post my issue on here to get help.  So please can someone advise what to do next?