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    LR thinks images on memory card are "imported" (again)


      LR imported my pictures yesterday to the external drive where the catalog into which I was importing resides (good). Today, with no changes to the import setting, LR "imported" into the catalog, but did not import images to disk. Trying again, it refused to import the images until I deleted the previous import and then set the import file path to what I wanted.

      The problem is that the import file path apparently randomly resets itself. This has happened to me once before, and that time assuming all was fine I reformatted the card. Today, I was fortunately able to recover.

      Why does this happen? I do nothing to change preferences, a number of imports proceed correctly, and then LR spontaneously decides something else.

      What part of "The default import path should be the folder containing the LR catalog into which files are imported" do the LR developers not understand?