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    Problem with only one JPG file in Lr. Ps works fine with it.


      Dear friends,

      I found one JPG in my Library which can't be viewed normally - I get the error "The file appears to be unsupported or damaged". Reimport helps me not. At the same time I see that it's not damaged or corrupted - I could easily open it in Ps, IrfanView or Windows image viewer. All other files from this series are opened and previewed normaly in Lr.

      My Lr licensed version is Lr CC 2015.6


      I solved it by saving in Ps as new file but I'd like to dig out the reason for Lr count it as corrupted.


      Could you try to check it with your Lr?

      Here is the link to download it from Dropbox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54630262/160310-102456.jpg


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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          I think the JPEG doesn't strictly conform with the industry standard.  GIMP and Firefox on Mac can't open the image either.  Exiftool displays the following message:


          $ exiftool -htmldump bug.jpg > bug.htm
          Warning: JPEG format error - bug.jpg


          Exiftool is extremely reliable and robust, so if it reports a file-format problem, I'm very inclined to trust it.


          When a JPEG doesn't conform to the standard, it's possible that some programs can read it while others can't. For example, see this recent thread: Re: I can`t open panorama photos from my samsung s7


          I'm traveling at the moment and don't have time to diagnose in detail exactly what the problem is, but I'm confident that the problem is with the file, not with LR.   The file's metadata indicates you've edited it with Lightroom 6.3 (Mac) and Lightroom 5.7.1 (Windows).  Have you edited it or changed its metadata with any other program?