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    AE CC 2015.3 keeps 'not responding'

    Twelve9 Level 1

      Having trouble editing some aerial footage as when I try to scrub backwards (I think this may be what causes it) AE hangs and the window goes half white. It hangs for quite some time before it comes back. Then when it does and I try to do it again and it continues. Very hard to edit footage when this constantly happens. I am trying to edit a clip with a comp that contains an Element 3D effect.


      My computer is no slouch either:


      i-7 5820K 3.3GHz OC'ed to 4.0Ghz

      32GB G.Skill DDR4 RAM

      MSI GODlike Gaming X99A MOBO


      240GB SSD (AE installed here)

      4x4TB 7200RPM HDD